It is a place that really allows you to get in contact with yourself I would recommend this residency to everyone because it goes beyond training It is a life experience I’ve been completely immerged in this atmosphere and so it was strange it has never happened to me Being surrounded by wood in this big open space but at the same time extremely real and familiar introspective a totally different approach much more stimulating and motivating I’ve really got something out of it I’ve really got on well with the others It felt as if we knew each other for a long time In the evening we were eating all together so it was a beautiful sensation of sharing we cooked the corncob on the fire and then we ate them a little burned but the idea was nice the place is cool meaning that you are outside , in the nature with no cars , no traffic , no hustle and bustle here you fell really good you can concetrate It’s a small village but I think that something like this gives splendour to it Stimulate your inner energies that you are not expressing in your daily life I was almost nourished by the environment the countryside the wood the animals I was inspired by the nature around me I felt like a process I’ve learned how to open myself One of the most beautiful experience I’ve found myself in a family , a real family Art Aia …..You would have to experience it to in order to understand ” Peace of mind ” is not enough to describe it It is a particular experience , hard to find and it makes you feel good about yourself

Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence

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