hi it’s Claire from Cluzie thank you so
much for joining in today and watching
this video I just wanted to quickly talk
to you about the dangers of household
chemicals and how many there are and how
many we get exposed to and how they can
have devastating effects on your health
so you know we’ve all heard about garden
chemicals that people are using so you
know the insecticides and herbicides and
things like that and how they’re causing
diseases there’s big litigation cases
going on in America and I think there’s
been in Australia as well but I’m just
talking basic stuff like cleaning the
toilet the bathroom your kitchen down to
what you brush your teeth with the
deodorants that you use so for example I
had a client came in who had just one
foot was really really swollen and it
was bothering her she couldn’t wear
shoes on that it was getting worse and
worse she’d been to the doctors she’s
been to several doctors she’d been to
vein specialist clinics and things like
that she’d had injections put in her
veins and things and but nothing was
helping so she came along to us and we
just had to listen to her story and look
at her foot and it was very obvious that
it wasn’t a vein issue because when
there’s issues with your veins you know
you get very gas veins you get those
little purple capillaries forming around
where the body’s trying to bypass and
make new vessels because it’s so amazing
that that’s what it can do and there was
no indication of any of that so in my
mind I was thinking there was obviously
a lymphatic drainage problem in that leg
so she kind of almost had like a
lymphedema then I just listened to her
story and she told me that when she was
in her 20s she’s now in her 50s when she
was in her 20s she was a cleaner for a
short time and her the lady that was in
charge of them apparently was not a very
nice lady used very cheap and nasty
chemicals didn’t provide them with
gloves they weren’t told to wear gloves
and things like that and that got to the
point where this lady’s hands the skin
was all peeling off and they were
basically disintegrating so she had to
stop cleaning
now who would have thought that
that those chemicals that she took in
through her hands because remember your skin
absorbs things talking through her hands
thirty years ago was having an effect on
her lymphatic system and her immune
system today so the the livers does an
amazing amazing job at filtering and
clearing out all this stuff that we take
in but you know what it’s like a sponge
it can only do so much so if it’s
inundated with chemicals heavy metals
pharmaceuticals stress bad food choices
alcohol like you know everything it it
can’t do its job properly and then it
that affects the lymphatic system
because it can’t get through the liver
and get through the filtration so we had
a chat to this lady we treated her
lymphatic system and funnily enough two
days later we get a text message her
ankle is normal size and this lady had
had this problem for five years has been
to everybody nobody looked at her
lymphatic system nobody thought to think
of the chemicals that she was exposed to
same thing I have a lot of clients who
are sheep farmers and get exposed to
a lot of sheep drench or kids that grew
up on farms who fell in the sheep trench
when they were kids things like that you
know we wear wool which has been sheep
drenched and things and those people
have a lot of issues with the lymphatic
system they get blood cancers and things
like that so it’s super important but
even stepping it down a little bit so
you know bleachers the bleachers that we
use kill ourselves like they killed
about bugs and bacterias the
antibacterials not only are you killing
the bacteria that’s in your house which
could be actually a helpful bacteria to
help your immune system you’re actually
killing your own bacteria and there’s
lots and lots of stuff all over the
media at the moment about how important
your bacteria in your gut is for health
for your mental health for your physical
health for everything
there’s in the toothpaste don’t know one
brand in particular has
an active ingredient in their toothpaste
called triclosan now triclosan is a
known neurotoxin which means it affects
your nervous system it’s toxic to the
nervous system it’s actually banned in
America in North America in all of North
America but it still exists in Australia
and it’s in particular toothpastes so I
use an aloe vera based toothpaste that
does not have the chemicals in it and I
reckon my teeth are pretty good I go to
the dentist every 6 month and she always
tells me that my teeth are amazing so
you don’t need to have these horrible
chemicals in your toothpaste also in
shampoos and soaps there’s something
called sodium lauryl sulfate something
like that it is also a very bad toxin
for your body so when you’re looking for
shampoos and body washes and things you
don’t want the microbeads you don’t want
this sodium Laurel sulfate stuff it’s
really toxic for your body so what are
some alternatives here I am telling you
you have to change your whole life what
are some alternatives well as I said
there’s an aloe vera based toothpaste
that I use called aloe dent. Our
cleaner makes all of her own products
she uses a lot of bicarb and essential
oils she also uses vinegar and I’ve been
in health care for a long time and we
use vinegar in hospitals to kill certain
bugs that pharmaceutical companies can’t
figure out you know you can use vinegar
as a weed killer out in the garden you
might want to rethink having it on your
fish and chips though if it is that
caustic there’s also so instead of
perfumes I cannot stand
perfumes if you actually look at the
ingredients on a perfume bottle it’s
like why would you want to spray that on
you it’s like oh I walk into the gym now
I’ve had to speak to the management at
my gym because I walk in there you walk
into the bathroom and it’s just like but
you can’t breathe there’s like aerosol
stuff everywhere perfumes and stuff it’s
such a toxic environment so what can you
use instead of perfumes
essential oils I use a particular one
that’s orange and clove and orange clove
and cinnamon that’s lovely and the
amount of people give me a hug and they
go oh you smell so lovely I just want to
eat you like it’s a bit weird at first
but I got used to it but you can use
this different essential oils depending
on what’s going on because you’ve got to
remember if you’re wearing all those
perfumes and stuff not only as a toxic
for you when you hug someone it’s
because like I hug someone who’s wearing
perfume and I’ll smell like that person
for the rest of the day and I yeah it
makes me so there’s just little things
like that that you can do for household
chemicals there’s also a study that’s
just come out in Germany where they
tested children’s blood and 98 to a
hundred percent of the children that
they tested they tested two and a half
thousand children tested they had this
horrific levels of plastics in them so
that was from nonstick cookware and
their toys and their clothing so you’ve
really got to be consciously aware of
what you doing so instead of getting
your kids some plastic toy you can get
wooden toys that haven’t been treated
that haven’t got toxic white paints on
them or you can make some stuff yourself
or if your kids are anything like some
kids that I have been around just give
them the box they’re just as happy with
the box as they are with the toy so I
hope that that’s helped if you have any
questions please shoot us a message
comment on this video and we can
certainly help you and give some advice
and where to get some of these products
how you can get them cheaper some of the
health food shops that you’ll go into
you will be surprised at what they are
charging but you can do it really cheap
like bicarb you can get a big thing of
bicarb at you know supermarkets for $2
so give us a shout out if you want to
know more so thanks very much for
watching here’s to your health and
here’s to becoming a little bit less
chemically overloaded and loving your
liver a little bit more okay thanks for
watching see you next time

Are your household cleaning products doing damage to your internals?
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