– Ask not what your
country can do for you,
ask what you can do for your country.
(upbeat music)
– [Woman] What role should governments,
non-profits and businesses play
in addressing social
and economic challenges?
– [Man] How do we transform
our societies to avoid
the worst effects of climate change?
– [Woman] Are we ready for a world
where decisions are made by
machines, and not humans?
– The University of Maryland
School of Public Policy
pride ourselves on developing students
who can solve problems
that are in the interests
of the public good.
(fast-paced music)
This building is an exciting
development on this campus,
because it will provide space
for the best and brightest students
who will be tomorrow’s leaders.
– The new SBP building is
going to create students
who are ready to be change-makers,
that understand class
issues and race issues,
and understand what makes the most sense
and what’s logical
versus what’s emotional,
and I love that.
– Some of the rooms are configured
to do different kinds of policy
simulations, for example,
like what you might have at the UN.
And I just love that
opportunity for students
to get a sense or a taste
of what a future career
in policy can look like.
– I’m particularly excited
about this building,
because it will serve as a
connection to the outside world,
where presidents, governors, leaders,
come to engage with our
students and our faculty,
to help solve the problems of the day.
– Designed to affect their
attitudes towards public policy.
– The new building is a home,
being able to go to a space
that is uniquely our own
is going to be really great.
– I just love that the
new building would just be
this great new convening
space for students
to engage in more experiential
and hands-on learning
because once they graduate,
they’re gonna be thrown into
real-world environments.
– You know that it’s possible
to do well and do good.
– This building embodies
the spirit of democracy
because it will be home to all those
who are committed to
serving the public good
and who go out and do good in the world

A New Home for Public Policy | UMD
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    first job i got was gettin bricks for the university in 1937 thru 1938 1 million bricks to get it off the ground $ 100,000 usd all we had. 10,000 bricks at a time we gork night an day


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