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Resident Evil! Who has not heard this name?
By far the most profitable gaming series
of CAPCOM since 1996 that the events of Racoon
City haunt the bravest players,
in this series that defined the genre Survival
And one of the most beloved entries by fans
of the franchise, is the sequel to the first game, Resident
Evil 2. So adored, that led to CAPCOM
relaunch the game this year, redone with the dizzying
RE engine.
But what if I told you that there is a resident
evil 2 very different from the one we all know
and we love it? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you today, but before you start
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With the recent release of Resident’s remake
Evil 2, I thought there was no better time
to talk about this.
It is one of the greatest mysteries in the history
of video games, to the point of more than 20 years
then there are still people interested
and focused on finding out more about this beta
of the game, lovingly dubbed Resident
Evil 1.5, and why CAPCOM has decided
abandon it and redo the game from scratch.
Ironically or not, this is the 2nd time
I’m doing a video on this topic,
since the original was lost when the
my SSD died at the end of last month.
As soon as Resident Evil was released, CAPCOM
realized they had a successful IP in their hands,
and promptly began working in a sequel,
which would have been scheduled for 1997, and
it seemed that the work in the sequel was
going along fine, with the first images of the
game to be released only a few months after
the 1st game debuted.
However, as the release date
began to approach, team members
something was not well, despite the fact that the
game was almost complete.
In an interview, the producer of the game, Shinji
Mikami, said that the problem was not with
a specific area of ​​the game, as these
worked well, but as a whole, the game
did not reach the heels of his predecessor,
which led to the scrapping, even though it was already
more than 70% complete.
What is interesting is that despite having
discarded this version to start working
on the Resident Evil 2 that we all know, the
CAPCOM continued to use it in
promotional campaigns, so when January 21st
of 1998 arrived, and the fans received a game
different from that which had been announced
over the last year, were naturally
confused, and some curious.
Hideki Kamiya, said that this happened because
Resident Evil 2 was seen as one of the great
CAPCOM releases, and they did not want to leave
that the enthusiasm of the fans dwindled.
All these factors, caused Resident
Evil 1.5 to gain a legendary status in
the community, because after seeing so many images,
and knowing that CAPCOM had almost completed it,
groups of fans determined to get this
version of the game began to appear.
The original concept shares many similarities
with the one we eventually received, and the
bigger differences were the characters, and some
scenarios and game mechanics.
Resident Evil 1.5 still tells the story
of Leon S. Kennedy, an RPD cop
but his co-star would be
a new character, Elza Walker, a
19-year-old student and enthusiast for motorcycles,
that crashed in the RPD after being attacked.
Contrary to what happens in the final game,
the campaigns of both would be separated, being
linked only by some characters and events.
Leon, would be accompanied by Marvin Branagh,
which would have a much more important role,
and Ada Wong, who in this version would be a scientist
of Umbrella.
Elza would be accompanied by John, a citizen
of Racoon, whose model would later be reused
for Robert Kendo, the owner of the gun shop,
and Roy, a police officer infected by the virus.
Both would eventually find Sherry and
William Birkin, whom, as in the final version,
is infected by the G-virus and in search of
his daughter, although in version 1.5 his
mutated form is a little different.
After leaving the police station, they would have
to pass through the sewers and an abandoned factory,
before they reached the secret Umbrella lab, fighting with all kinds of monsters
along the way, including some that we have not
to see in the final version.
The team also tried to introduce new ideas,
such as reducing the polygons used to
render the zombies, allowing more
enemies to appear at the same time,
mutations in real time, and even damage
visible in the characters and scenarios, to
In addition, it was also possible to do more
changes of clothes and equipment during the game,
obtaining some advantages such as inventory
expanded, or better protection against attacks.
However, as the release date approaches,
some team members felt that the game
was not as attractive as the 1st, and Noboru
Sugimura, a renowned writer and screenwriter
and fan of the first game, was called to give the
your opinion.
The verdict? Begin again, and volunteered
to help write the story. The game
was postponed to 1998, and CAPCOM started
implement the changes that make the
game in what we know today to begin with,
the game would begin on the streets of Racoon, and the
player would have to find the way to
the Station, highlighting the danger of the exterior,
and creating the expectation of safety inside of the RPD.
The RPD station was completely redesigned,
adopting a more rustic architectural aspect
of Europe, under the guise of being an old
restored museum.
And of course, the biggest and most notable difference,
Elza Walker was transformed into Claire Redfield,
Chris’s sister, thus creating a connection
with the previous title.
Arriving the launch day, the game was
a success, and despite being considered by
many the best of the franchise, some could not
to fail to notice the differences between this
version of the game, and the one that had been shown
for more than 1 year, and so began a
insatiable quest for what Resident Evil 2
It could have been.
Due to Shinji Mikami’s comments,
forums dedicated to the game were filled with posts
and speculation about the existence of
about 1 and 4 copies of RE 1.5 outside
Capcom. And for years thousands of fans
dedicated to finding these alleged copies,
in the hope of trying them first hand,
without even being certain of its existence …
However, all this changed when in 2012
Team IGAS admitted having purchased from a collector
an alpha version of the game, also
known with the 40% build, and announced
they would try to restore it so that
everyone could experience it. Yet,
due to some type of internal conflict, versions
of the game began to appear on
auctions, and to avoid greater evils, Team
IGAS decided to launch the following year
the untouched original, also known as
Vanilla Build, and its own version, nicknamed
Magic Zombie Door, which already had
some repairs, such as translated text,
replacement of unfinished models by
their official game doubles, as well as the
code finishing and incomplete rooms,
using promotional photos and videos as
This version, although unfinished, is very
more playable than Vanilla Build, where only
at the beginning of the game is over, and any
advance beyond the squadron lobby, requires
the use of the debug menu, since
most rooms are not interconnected,
or even finished.
It’s unbelievable as an unfinished game with
more than 20 years still receives so much attention,
to the point that a few months ago I left
a patch for MZD version, and Capcom looks like
be attentive, once it is possible to Claire
to use the Elza Walker fact, via DLC, of course
‘Cause Capcom, but it’s still a
good wink at the fans of this version,
that although he never left, never

A HISTÓRIA DE RESIDENT EVIL 1.5 – A Minha Vida em Bits

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