How do you turn a guy on when you’re not even
in the bedroom yet? Today, we’re going over
the top seven ways to turn your man on outside
of the bedroom. This one should be a lot of
fun. Stay tuned ladies.
Hi ladies. It’s Mark here again from Make
Him Yours and today, we’re talking about the
seven biggest turn-ons for guys outside of
the bedroom. So the first one is really simple.
Turn him on right throughout the day. So you
guys know foreplay doesn’t have to start in
the bedroom. It can be something that builds
right throughout the day and men appreciate
this just the way women do. For example, you
might say to him, “When we get home, I want
you to do what you want to me. Don’t even
ask, just do.” Now, obviously you only do
this with a man you’re comfortable with, but
this line can be incredibly effective, lines
like this in turning on the guy you want right
throughout the day. Now the second one, it
should come as no surprise. Sexting or nude
photos are an incredible turn-on for men.
Now you obviously only want to send these
to a man who’s really committed to you and
who’s really earned it, but it’s such a big
turn on when a guy receives this right throughout
his day, this is something you can do anytime
of the day or night to build anticipation
in him and build up that fantasy that he’s
going to have in his head for you.
Just make sure he’s earned it. I remember
in one of my previous relationships, it took
me six months before she started sending me
these and I had a huge amount of respect for
it as a result. Number three is uncontrolled
desire. Uncontrolled desire is where you show
that you want him so much that you’re just
going to take him right there and then, so
maybe it’s a cheeky one in the kitchen, maybe
it’s out in public and you drag him to a private
area, whatever it is. Maybe you’re out of
the gardens or something and you take him
somewhere. You have so much desire for him
that you can no longer control yourself. It’s
an enormous turn-on for a man to know that
he knows that he turns you on that much. So
number four is a really cute one. It’s simple
– wearing his clothes.
When you wear a guy’s clothes around the house.
There’s something that sparks in a man where
it’s like he wants his clothes back, but he
knows to get them back, he’s going to have
to take them off you. It’s such a turn-on
for a guy to see you in his clothes that he
just wants to get them back and see what’s
underneath. Number five is to simply compliment
a man on his bedroom abilities. So remember,
men are very validated by sex. They’re very
validated to their core by knowing that they
can please you. When you give a man compliments
on the way he pleases you on his bedroom abilities.
He’s going to be walking around the rest of
the day like a monkey with his chest puffed
out. So proud of himself for what he can do.
It’s a huge turn-on for a guy to know that
he pleases you and he’s going to want to do
it again.
Number six is sneaky on touch. Now I’m not
saying go around sexually harassing men, but
what I am saying is that your hands can explore
when you’re out in public with the guy that
you like. So maybe you are just sitting next
to him at a table and you just pop your hand
on the inside of his thigh and run it up slowly.
Very simple. Maybe you sit on his lap, maybe
you come up behind him when he’s standing
somewhere and you just run your hands around
the front of his hips and just explore for
yourself. Men can lose themselves in this
little bit of touch from you and it can snap
him into a state where he’s turned on within
seconds. Just make sure you’re doing it with
the right guys who are comfortable with it
and I guarantee you it will be a massive turn-on
for them.
And number seven, every man is going to be
turned on when you tell him you’ve decided
not to wear underwear. Now, obviously you
want to do this again with the guys that you’re
comfortable with, but if you give him the
indication that something he’s done has made
you decide not to wear underwear, what it
does is it brings together that professional
you but covers it with the sexual you that
he knows and gets to enjoy in the bedroom.
So when you’re out in Nevada and you tell
him you’re not wearing underwear, you’re communicating
that you’re actually in a very sexual state
despite the fact that everyone else thinks
that you look purely professional or social.
Well ladies, that gives you seven really powerful
ways to turn your men on without ever entering
the bedroom. I really hope you enjoyed and
if you do it right, he should enjoy very much
as well. Thank you so much for watching. Don’t
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7 Things That Turn Guys On Outside Of The Bedroom | “What Do Men Find Sexy?”

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