The BCCDC oversees the distribution of
take home Naloxone kits across the province.
The Naloxone kits themselves
contain Naloxone which is a
life-saving medication that temporarily
reverses an opioid overdose.
The pharmacy team packs approximately
from 500 to 1500 kits per day.
We send out 5,000 kits a week.
The kit contains three ampules of
Naloxone, a breathing mask, a pair of gloves,
three alcohol swabs, three
retractable syringes, that’s a form for
overdose, and a quick instruction label.
We have two people dedicated to the Naloxone
program full-time five days a week.
I am one of those people.
To date we have over 1,600 take home Naloxone sites which includes many community sites,
health units, emergency departments,
corrections facilities,
as well as community pharmacies
and First Nation sites.

50,000 Take Home Naloxone kits reported used to reverse overdoses in BC
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