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Never underestimate the power of prayer.
It’s amazing what God can do when someone
There are many questions you are faced with
every day.
We are all searching for answers that will
make a real difference in our lives.
It’s hard to imagine that these answers
might be right in front of us.
Get ready to discover answers in the Bible
with Bayless Conley.
Hi there, Bayless Conley here.
And in a moment you’re going to get to meet
my wife as well because she and I are actually
preaching together.
We are talking about three powers in the home.
We’ve already talked about the power of
And as we get into this particular part of
the message we are going to be speaking about
the power of example in the home.
I think you are going to be blessed by this.
So grab your Bible let’s sit down and get
into the Word together.
Here’s Bayless Conley with part two of his
continuing message from last week.
G Campbell Morgan was a great pastor, theologian,
and writer.
Had five sons, they were all preachers.
There was a guest in the home one day and
asked the boys, says, “Which one of you
is the best preacher,” and in unison all
five boys said, “Mother.”
Mrs. Morgan had never once in her life preached
a formal sermon, but her life was a sermon.
Her life was an example of what it meant to
put God first and to serve others with the
love of Christ.
Her life was an example of what it was to
follow Jesus.
But you know the Scriptures even teach us
that an unsaved husband can be won through
the example of his believing wife.
Now, you may be here and thinking, “You
know, that’s great Pastor, but the truth
is, I had no example.
I was raised in a dysfunctional family,”
or maybe orphaned and just was in an institution
after institution, I had no good examples.
You may not have, it’s time for you to start
being one then.
You create a legacy for your children; for
your family.
I would say there’s an individual that probably
impacted me spiritually as much; I would say
more than any other person on earth.
Came out of an absolutely dysfunctional background.
His father was a gangster, died of syphilis.
His father left them at a young age but was
involved in very violent organized crime.
His mother was psychotic.
He and his older brother from the time they
were little got pawned off at this relative,
and that relative, and had to stay here and
there unloved, unwanted, excess baggage.
His older brother got involved in crime as
well, actually became the getaway driver for
Bonnie and Clyde.
This guy had no examples at all, but became
a pillar of faith and decided to change things,
and my life is one of many that was impacted.
And you may not have had a good example, but
you know what, you can turn things and leave
a legacy for the coming generation, for your
family, for your friends by you choosing to
be the right kind of example.
You know, I’m married to a great example.
If I wasn’t saved, I’d get saved because
of her.
Literally, she’s an example of hard work,
prayer, putting God first.
And I’d like Janet to talk a little bit
about the power of example, as well.
Come on, sweetheart.
Thanks, dear.
Well, you’re a great example too.
I just wrote down a few things I really love
about him, and that really are an example
to me.
He made sure our kids were in church.
He was faithful to me or is faithful to me.
He works hard, and he plays hard, doesn’t
worry about things.
And in the midst of utter chaos, he can just
be calm.
I just love that, and it just rubs off on
those around him.
He’s not afraid to try something new.
He keeps his word.
He enjoys life, and so many other things,
Did I mention he’s a great cook too?
One day he asked me to make him a cup of tea,
which he loves.
My first thought was, “I’m really kind
of in the middle of things.
Could you just do it yourself?”
But I’d been listening to some kid songs
with the grandkids, and there’s one song
that’s called, Sure, I’d Love To.
All the songs are about getting along with
And at that moment, I remembered that song,
and I paused for a moment, and I said, “Sure,
I’d love to.”
Our daughter was around the corner; I didn’t
realize she was there.
but she goes, she peeked around and said,
“Whoa, mom!”
The point is, just a thought, our kids are
watching us when we least expect, young or
I think about my father and the example that
he was to me.
He was honest.
He was moral, he was a hard worker, and he
was really good with handling his money.
He paid his bills on time, and he planned
for the future.
My mom is 91, she just turned 91, and she’s
still being taken care of by what he set aside
for her.
Many times when I think of him, the picture
I have is of him sitting at this desk paying
We had an old piano that was not working anymore,
and he took the piano apart and made himself
a desk out of it.
And he would sit at that desk, and he would
pay the bills, and he would work on the money
I just have that picture in the back of my
mind of how he took care with his money.
And he had such a great reputation in our
little town.
I grew up in a town of 800, and we lived five
miles out.
In that little town, he had just such a great
reputation and all the little towns all around;
people knew who he was.
And Bayless and I needed to get a car.
We were there, driving out here to California
and my little Pinto car that I had would not
pull the U-Haul over the mountain, so we had
to get a bigger car.
So we went to the car lot, and we were going
to trade in the Pinto.
Well, I did not have the pink slip with me.
But he looked at me, and he goes, “You’re
Elmer’s daughter, aren’t you?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “No worries, just mail it to me.”
His reputation went far, and the guy sold
us the car.
My dad’s example still speaks to me today.
Tackling money matters is not difficult to
me, honesty is huge, I don’t mind hard work,
and moral purity is a non-negotiable.
Sounds like a really good dad right?
The truth is, yes.
The truth is that if someone would’ve told
me 35 years ago that I would someday talk
so well of my dad, I love my dad, I wouldn’t
have believed it.
It’s only because of Jesus that I can.
I felt so deeply hurt; I was so bitter toward
my dad that I couldn’t see any good in him.
I’m not sure what your story is.
Maybe your father wasn’t even part of your
life, and I’m so sorry.
It was gut-wrenching hurt on the inside and
the bitterness that I had toward him, wanting
him to just tell me he loved me and I was
I want you to know that Jesus can and wants
to heal every broken area of your heart.
You know, we sing that song, the angels roar
for Christ our King, He is King.
He’s King over bitterness and depression
and every deep hurt.
He is Jesus, the healer of broken hearts,
and can I ask you to allow God to heal your
Allow Him, the ultimate Father to love you
to life.
Stick with Him and some godly friends.
His love is powerful; it’s more powerful
than the deepest hurt you can imagine.
It can plow right through.
Nothing is too hard for Him.
Nothing can hide from Him.
He can, and He wants to heal you.
He wants to make it possible for you too to
begin to put in motion a new life-giving pattern
in your family relationships.
All right, the third power we’re going to
talk about is the power of prayer.
Even if you’ve fallen way short in the first
two with words or with example, maybe you
didn’t know any better.
Maybe you weren’t saved.
Maybe you just screwed up.
Listen, prayer can change things.
Never underestimate the power of prayer.
It’s amazing what God can do when someone
Some of you, the only reason you’re here
today is because someone prayed for you.
Someone got on their knees and talked to God
about you, and that’s why you’re here
It’s not a coincidence.
If you’re thinking man, “Words, okay,
didn’t get that one right.
Example, most of the time not so good,”
you can pray.
God can redeem things.
Now, my wife prays more than any other person
that I know.
I have a prayer life, I pray daily but not
as much as she did and she does.
And so I’d actually like her to take the
lion’s share of the time and talk about
So Sweetheart, come back up.
Tell us about the power of prayer.
I pray because I need a lot of help.
Let me begin with a little story.
Once upon a time, there were two people; their
names were Bayless and Janet.
And there was this subject that whenever they
would talk about it, it would just end up
tension, no solution.
It just was so sensitive, so we’d just have
to leave it.
But, there came a point where I really needed
to ask, I Janet, needed to ask Bayless about
this subject because we had to make a decision.
I dreaded bringing it up, so I decided to
ask God for help.
Why is prayer sometimes our easiest, hardest
thing to do?
Sometimes we just don’t even think of it.
And also, we have an enemy that does not really
want us to pray.
Nevertheless, this time, I prayed and I settled
my heart before broaching the subject.
And really, we were both blown away.
Actually, we were talking the other day; we
don’t remember what it was.
I try to remember, I don’t know what it
was, but we both remember this.
But we were blown away, in five minutes or
less we had it all sorted out.
No eggshells, no tension, we got a solution.
We couldn’t believe it.
Prayer makes a difference.
God is good.
I love this verse that David said, Psalm 116:2.
It says,
Because (God) he bends down to listen, I will
pray as long as I have breath!
He bends down to listen.
Because when we pray, He bends down to listen.
So David said, “I’m going to pray as long
as I have my breath.”
God hears our prayers.
John Wesley said this, “It seems that God
is limited by our prayer life, that He can
do nothing for humanity unless someone asks
Why is that” You see, we live in a fallen
We have an enemy, the god of this world, the
But because of Jesus, we have authority over
him, and we access, and we enforce that authority
through prayer.
In 1 John 5:14, it says that we have this
confidence in Him, that if we ask anything
according to His will, He hears us.
So, if we ask anything according to His will,
He hears us.
And if we know He hears us in what we ask,
then it says, we know that we have what we’ve
asked of Him.
That’s quite an amazing promise, isn’t
What confidence we can have if we pray according
to His will.
He’ll hear us, and if we know He hears us,
we’ll have the answers.
We might not have it tomorrow morning, but
we will have it if we don’t quit, amen?
And how do we know if we’re praying God’s
Always His Word is His will.
Colossians 1:9–12.
You can pray this prayer.
They are for anybody.
You can pray it for your kids; you can pray
it for your spouse, really anyone, grandkids.
Let’s just take a look at it.
I’ll read just the very first part, and
then we’re going to pray the prayer, and
you can feel in anybody’s name as we pray
It’ll be up on the screen.
I’m going to put in my grandson Asher’s
Okay, so let’s start.
For this reason, since the day we heard about
you, we have not stopped praying for you.
We continually ask God to fill Asher with
the knowledge of Your will God through all
the wisdom and understanding that Your Spirit
That Asher may live a life worthy of the Lord
and please Him in every way, bearing fruit
in every good work and growing in the knowledge
of God, being strengthened with all power
according to your glorious might.
That Asher may have great endurance and patience,
and be found giving joyful thanks to the Father.
I love Jeremiah 1:12 it says, God, says, “I’m
ready to perform My Word.”
He watches over His word when it’s spoken.
He’s ready; He’s alert, He’s watchful.
He’s looking out.
He wants to perform it.
He wants to perform it because He loves us.
He cares about us.
He always wants the best for us, and He wants
to show out His goodness through us if we
He wants to do it anyway, but when we pray,
He watches over His Word.
So when we pray His will, we pray His Word,
He acts.
Wonderful Jesus, it’s so nice.
We don’t have to guess if He’s going to
or not, He said He will.
I’m ready to do it; I’m eager because
He cares and wants the best for us.
Not only that, He wants to show Himself out
through our lives.
He wants to show His goodness through us.
You know, often we hear about the praying
grandmas, and thank God for the praying grandmas.
But, we can all pray with authority, young
and old, male and female alike, amen?
I’m thinking about Nehemiah when he was
rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem.
He loved his city, and he loved the people
in Jerusalem.
He is rebuilding the wall to keep the enemies
out, and there was a lot of opposition.
He told this to the people, and I want to
tell it to you today.
We can build a wall around our families.
This is what he said, he said, “Don’t
be afraid of the enemy.”
I want to say to you, don’t be afraid of
the enemy.
He said, “Remember the Lord, great and awesome.”
The Lord, great and awesome.
He’s more than … We forget He’s great
and awesome.
Fight for your families, your sons and your
daughters, your wives and your homes.
It’s worth the fight.
It’s a good fight.
Most of you know Pastor Robert here on our
leadership team.
He’s in the front row here.
And there was a time after high school that
he decided to turn his back on God and go
his own way.
But Robert had a praying family.
His parents hosted a young adult small group
and each week at the end, they would ask for
prayer for Robert.
Obviously, God heard their cries because he’s
a vital part of our team here now.
What’s interesting too is, there was a young
woman named Natalie that was a part of that
small group.
She couldn’t understand, why does this young
man hurt these parents?
These are such great parents, why is he hurting
them like this?
But today, Natalie is Robert’s wife and
the mother of their two children.
Maybe you’re here this morning, and you
are trusting God for a wayward child, a sibling,
or a spouse.
Look at this great promise with me, Jeremiah
31:16–17, it’s such a great promise.
It says, “Thus says the Lord” and one
day I’m reading that, and I’m like, the
Lord said this.
It’s not anything light; this is God speaking.
He said,
“Refrain your voice from weeping, and your
eyes from tears; for your work shall be rewarded,
says the Lord, and they shall come back from
the land of the enemy.
There is hope in your future, says the Lord,
that your children shall come back to their
own border.
What an awesome promise.
It says, the Lord said this, “They shall
come back from the land of the enemy.”
When we pray God’s Word and His will, He’s
ready to perform it; He is working.
Such a great promise.
There is power in prayer.
We have such an awesome opportunity to talk
to God, and He hears, and He answers.
Everyone say there’s power in prayer.
Thank God we can pray and talk to God.
You know, we are in a conflict that’s not
against flesh and blood.
There are dark spiritual forces that are savagely
attacking families, trying to divide husbands
and wives, destroy child-parent relationships,
trying to erode the foundation of the family.
And the fact is, the battle is ultimately
won on our knees.
That great relationship chapter of the New
Testament Ephesians 6, the first nine verses
deal with husband-wife relationships, relationships
within the family, work relationships.
Basically touches every area of our life where
there are relationships.
That’s the first nine verses.
And verse 10, when we go into verse 10 through
the rest of the chapter, it says this,
Put on all of God’s armor so that you will
be able to stand safe against all strategies
and tricks of Satan.
For we are not fighting against people made
of flesh and blood, but against persons without
bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world,
those mighty satanic beings and great evil
princes of darkness who rule this world; and
against huge numbers of wicked spirits in
the spirit world.
That’s not coincidental that that is connected
to a whole section on relationships.
There is a reason it talks about spiritual
warfare and the work of the enemy, and the
strategies of the enemy right next to family
relationships, and work relationships and
It goes on in verse 18, and it says,
In the same way, prayer is essential in this
ongoing warfare.
Pray hard and long.
Pray for your brothers and sisters.
Keep your eyes open.
Keep each other’s spirits up so that no
one falls behind or drops out.
Friend, we need to pray.
It’s important that we speak the right kind
of words and live the right kind of example,
but it’s not just a matter of human energy
making this thing happen.
If we want the highest and best, God needs
to be involved, and we need to solicit His
help on our knees because we are in a conflict.
And I know husbands and wives can probably
relate to this.
It can be over something inconsequential,
silly like, “you got the wrong kind of water.”
We didn’t get in a fight over that.
I was at the store, and they didn’t carry
the kind of water she liked, and I go, “I
know she’s going to say something.”
But I got it, and sure enough, she did, but
she caught herself, and I realized she’s
immediately going through conflict and she
apologized to me later on.
But sometimes over something as silly as the
kind of water you bought, things escalate
out of control within minutes to where you’re
ready to push the nuclear armament button,
and you think, “What in the world just happened?
Did I say those things?
Did I really walk out of the room and slam
the door?”
And, it was over water or whatever.
And I think most of us have experienced that.
My friend, it’s not just flesh and blood.
There are evil spirits; there are dark forces
that want to influence and divide, and conquer,
and break up God-ordained relationships.
So, we want to take a moment and pray.
Why don’t you stand to your feet?
Honey, come here.
Go ahead and stand up.
We’re going to pray.
Pray for families, pray for homes.
If you’re single, we’re going to pray
for you.
Heavenly Father, we just bring our hearts
before You right now.
We do want Your highest, and we do want Your
best for our families.
God, help us by the Holy Spirit to speak the
right kind of words.
Words that bring life, words that build up,
not words that crush and bring defeat.
Help us to live as examples when we’re being
watched and when we’re not being observed,
heavenly Father.
May we be the same in our lifestyle all the
Father, we pray for our children.
We pray for children that are wayward right
now, that may be away from home.
God, we ask You to send laborers across their
People that can speak their heart language.
We ask You to visit them with dreams in the
Bring them into Your kingdom.
We thank You that Your Word declares that
we and our household shall be saved.
Father, we pray for unsaved members of our
family, be it a spouse, a husband, a wife,
a parent, a sibling.
God, may their eyes be opened in Jesus’
May they understand the truth of the gospel
and the greatness of Your love.
And Father, I specifically pray for those
that are in this place that have had such
bad examples lived out before them, have had
such negative words spoken to them.
I just break the power of that in the name
of Jesus.
Father, I pray they’d be strengthened with
might in the inner person by the Holy Spirit
and may they become great and wonderful examples
of what You can do in a person’s life.
Lord, we pray for the single people that are
here today.
That You would strengthen them, that You would
guide them in their life, in this season where
they can devote themselves fully and completely
to You.
And God, thank You for giving them wisdom
when it comes to relationships.
I speak a blessing over every house, over
every family in this church in the mighty
name of Jesus.
And Lord, where we’ve messed up, we just
ask You right now to forgive us.
Forgive us for falling short.
We thank You that the blood of Jesus cleanses
us from all sin.
We thank You that we have a fresh start beginning
We want to do it right; we want to do it well
to the glory of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Stay tuned at the end of the program today
for a special inspirational thought from Bayless.
If the broadcast, this one or any other one
has been a blessing to you I want to encourage
you, share it with someone else.
Get some other friends watching the program
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Whether it’s Instagram, YouTube, Facebook,
share it with somebody else.
You’d be amazed at the rippling effect that
takes place.
And you never know ultimately how many lives
will be impacted if you get them to get into
the Word of God.
So, why don’t you do that for us, all right?
God bless you.
Hello friend, I’d like to invite you to
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Join us.
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So join us.
Be a part of our online family.
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And now here’s Bayless with an inspirational
thought you can apply today.
Many years ago, I was spending a day with
an old-timer in the gospel ministry.
It was someone that I highly admired.
I respected him for his many years of faithful
work and what he had achieved, frankly.
He had done things in a number of different
countries on a very massive scale.
And we’d begin talking about some other
ministries that we were both aware of and
just about the family situations.
There are problems in the marriages.
The kids were growing up not wanting to go
to church, not being interested in God.
Drug problems, suicides, all sorts of problems
in the families.
And it generally boiled down to the fact that
the ministers though they were princes in
the pulpit they were dysfunctional when it
came to the family.
And my friend looked at me and said, “Bayless,
if that’s success I don’t want it.”
Friend, family needs to be a priority over
ministry or any other thing in life.
Get your family right.
For more information and inspiration, visit

3 Powers in the Home (2/2) | Bayless Conley

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