There is nothing more satisfying than coming home to a tidy closet, pantry, or living room after a long day.
Reducing clutter has been proven to improve mental health and increase productivity so try these simple home organizing tips to maintain a clutter-free home.
Welcome to Jansen’s DIY and these are 20 Simple & Easy Home Organizing Ideas to Maintain a Clutter-free Home
1. Whether it’s your kitchen, pantry, or the kids’ bedroom, you can reduce clutter by using a roll-away storage cart.
It could serve as a movable pantry or toy bin and it’s just as useful in your bedroom for arts and crafts area.
You can get these at IKEA but you can definitely use any similar items or build one yourself!
2. No matter how fresh your produce are when you buy them in the grocery or market, they eventually go bad and they go bad faster if they are not stored properly.
Use any ordinary shower caddy and hang it up to store items that don’t need to be put in the fridge.
You will easily see them easily when you’re thinking of what to make for dinner.
3. If you’re one of those who like buying in bulk to save on grocery expenses, you might already know that a disadvantage to not having enough storage room to pack all those extra items.
A great solution is to add a rack and install it on the back of your door.
You can store extra boxes of toothpaste, shampoo bottles, and just about any other item.
This would be perfect for toiletries in the bathroom but it works for other rooms as well.
4. Like collecting purses and other knick-knacks? Great! Except they can be hard to organize.
You can get creative by using clear containers as fancy transparent purse holders that you can hang in your closet.
It would transform your closet to look sophisticated and look like a high-end boutique.
5. Cords, chargers, and earphones can get easily tangled.
Use this valuable trick for techies: binder clips to efficiently corral your cords.
You can even color-code them by using colorful binder clips which you can easily find in your office or buy from a supply store to keep your cords from getting tangled.
6. You can use a tricked-out coffee table to hide your kids’ toys in plain sight.
The inside has ample storage for all types of toys and they can easily pull it out when they want to play.
When they’re done, they can simply stash the toys away in the pull-out.
The great thing is it can be use for other items, too!
Don’t have kids but like lighting candles? You can stock them inside and easily get them out when you feel like lighting one up.
7. Vacuum sealed food containers are not just for packed lunch and picnics.
You can easily keep your freezer organized and store more items by using vacuum sealed plastics.
You can freeze fruits, veggies, and just about any food item that you want to keep for longer.
When it’s time to use them, you can simply take them out and thaw them!
8. If you have lots of bangles and have limited space in your dresser to store them, you can hang them up and show them off on a paper towel holder.
Even though bracelets don’t get tangled or misplaced easily, it can still be hard to organize them.
Using a simple paper tower holder is a great way to stack them up so you can easily choose one to put on your wrist when you’re getting ready for a night out.
9. It’s frustrating to organize magazines, and you might be tempted to just toss them all out just to keep your counter clean.
But don’t burn or throw them away just yet, especially if there are precious recipes in them.
You can add a bonus magazine storage on the sides of your counter to maximize the space.
This way, you can reach for your cookbooks or food magazines any time you need some new dinner ideas.
10. Yes, we’ve all experienced it! Even though you’re quite sure that you’ve placed your keys neatly on the side table, you still end up losing them.
Where are they? And then you search and search, tossing throw pillows and looking under the couch, realizing in the end that it was in your pants’ pocket.
That won’t have to happen again with this micro cabinet.
Strategically install a small cabinet somewhere near your door or in the hallway so you can easily deposit your keys on the way in your home.
This can also be a place to keep other small items like IDs and flashlights.
11. It can be problematic to fit some pans into kitchen racks.
You end up stacking them in a pile and you can never find what you’re looking for when you’re pressed for time for that last-minute lemon meringue pie.
Thankfully, you can use a file organizer to make it easy for you to grab your baking dishes when you’re in a rush.
It also prevents them from dropping on your feet!
12. Whether it’s your kids’ crayons or your own craft supplies like colored pencils, staplers, and scotch tapes, you can organize them in small plastic drawers so that each tool has its own space.
Supplies like these can get easily misplaced or broken and it’s hard to work on your creative projects when they’re all mixed up.
Dedicate each drawer to a different category so you know where to look when you need an art material.
13. Having pretty labels on your mason jars for your cooking supplies make a big difference in the kitchen.
With funky fonts, these jars make it more fun to organize.
Each jar has an individual label that are pretty to look at so you will know which one to open when you need a cup of flour, sugar, or baking soda.
It helps prevent mix ups in your pantry.
14. You probably have a stock of canned goods of diced tomatoes, corn, soup, chick peas, etc.
You can save more space in your kitchen cabinet by putting your canned items in a stack in a magazine holder.
This way, you can pile up neatly and you don’t have to worry about them falling all over the place.
Magazine holders are inexpensive and they are easy to find in various stores so it’s a very efficient solution for your kitchen.
15. Aside from putting food in vacuum sealed containers, you can save even more space in your freezer by hanging bags of frozen food from the freezer rack.
This will double your storage in your freezer shelf.
Hang your bags of peas, carrots, etc. using binder clips so that you can put more items in the lower shelf of your freezer.
16. The towel bar in your bathroom can be useful in other rooms in your house, too.
You can install a tower bar in your kitchen and use hooks to hang your extra pots and pans that won’t fit in your kitchen cabinet anymore.
But that’s not all, you can hang just about anything with the help of S-hooks and position the bar in any room in the house.
17. Jewelry boxes and hangers can only hold a few items.
If you like collecting different types of necklaces, you may find that you are running out of space to keep them organized.
They can also tangle with each other easily.
No need for a fancy hanger to store your necklaces.
Simply use some colorful push pins to showcase them on one part of your dresser or a dedicated space in your bedroom.
It’s stylish and you can easily try them on when you’re dressing up for an important event.
18. One way to maximize the space in your bedroom is by putting clothes and other items in bins and boxes and storing them under the bed.
However, this specially designed bed has dividers under the mattress that you can simply lift up and gives you access to a whole lot of storage space underneath.
This way, you can keep your clothes a lot more organized.
This is a great solution for small apartments but it also provides extra storage room even for bigger bedrooms.
19. The cabinet under your sink is probably where you keep some of your household tools and cleaning equipment.
Most homeowners have their supply of all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing liquid, and dishwasher detergents under there along with some home tools like screwdrivers and tool boxes.
This area could get really messy pretty quickly and you may find it difficult to reach for some items that always end up getting too far back in the cabinet.
You can keep your foils and wraps in a container and mount it on the inside of your cabinet door to make them easily accessible.
This can be a simple office file organizer but you can be creative and use other types of containers as well.
It is a fool-proof way to have your frequently used items within reach.
20. When you bake a lot, you tend to use some nifty items in your cabinets more than others.
And some tools can get pushed into the back that you sometimes forget that you have them.
Make your baking supplies easily visible and have them at the ready by organizing a baking zone in your kitchen cabinet.
Clean up the cupboard by organize different ingredients in glass jars.
You can label them using chalkboard tags so that you can easily erase and rewrite the label when you need to.
Put them in a little round plate along with other essentials so that they are easily accessible when you open your cupboard.
Label some clothes pins and attach them using a double-sided tape on the inside of the cupboard door to organize some notes, reminders, and even quick recipes.
Once you organize your baking zone like this, you will never again settle for a messy cabinet.
And… that’s all for now…
For more DIY hacks and organizing Ideas, stay tune to our channel.
Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next videos…

20 Simple & Easy Home Organizing Ideas to Maintain a Clutter free Home
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