If you live in small or tiny apartment, you
know that every little square foot counts. So making it a functional, yet still open
space does require some creativity. Don’t have a closet? Find a slim clothing rack. Have a tiny kitchen? Maximize your shelf space. And so on. And this 18 Clever Ways To organize your small
apartment will help save space in your apartment. 1. A pull-down spice rack so all of your favorite
mixes are always right at your fingertips but also safely out of the way of any dust
or grease buildup. 2. Mount a pegboard on a blank wall to exponentially
expand your kitchen storage. 3. Make the most of every inch of space by using
over-the-door organizers for everything from shoes to cleaning supplies. 4. Hang multiple shower caddies on removable
adhesive hooks. 5. Double up your space wherever you store cups. Usually, you can fit two rows of cups in the
space of a single shelf. You can make it happen with a wire shelf,
hooks, or both. 6. S-hooks also work as an extra towel rack when
you don’t have one. 7. Put the inside of your cabinet doors to work,
too, storing pot lids or hiding your trash can. 8. Slip a rolling storage pantry in the extra
space next to your fridge. 9. Or if your fridge isn’t up against the wall,
turn the free side into storage. 10. Save counter space with a roll-up drying rack
that sits over your sink. 11. Squeeze more counter space and storage into
your kitchen with a chef’s cart. Carts with drawers like this one work well
if you don’t have much pantry space. 12. keep all of your small things in check with
a set of jars that magnetically attach to a cabinet shelf. 13. Install a set of corner shelves to transform
a small nook into extra storage space. 14. put the wasted space above your doors to use and install shelves there. 15. Triple your closet space by hanging multiple
shirts on a length of chain. This works best for shirts, skirts, or slacks;
you don’t want your dresses to brush the ground. 16. Disguise a toy chest (or your shoe storage)
as a coffee table. 17. Stash seasonal clothes and extra linens in
rolling bins that slide under your bed. 18. Or if you’re planning to buy a new bed, consider
one that features easy storage underneath. It’s definitely not an impulse buy! But could make all the difference in a small

18 Clever Ways To Organize Your Small Apartment

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