There’s an old saying, “Home is Where the
Heart Is,” well you might want to turn that
around to “Heart is Where the Home Is” after
seeing the many beautiful, innovative tiny-homes
built today.
Homeowners are falling in love with these
unique micro-homes that combine exceptional
comfort with modern smart ideas.
I’m Glen, and here are 10 of the best examples
of urban and mobile minimalist homes that
are built and lived-in today.
Number Ten
Inspired by the hill country of Texas and
built by Tiny Heirloom of Portland, Oregon,
the Breezeway is a mobile high-tech micro
home with all the latest gadgets with an inspiring
A large garage door opens up the interior
to nature outside.
The smartly designed home has a large kitchen
with plenty of counter space and a dining
and sleeping area for two.
The home also features a spacious bathroom
and a washer/dryer combo.
100% recycled steel and cedarwood cover the
exterior, and the tiny home boasts a synthesis
of the industrial and natural.
Number Nine
Chattanooga Tennessee is the home of Wind
River Tiny Homes, and they are presenting
the Rook in which a cantilevered loft highlights
this 22-foot dark woods industrial style tiny
This home on wheels can be custom built with
or without a solar off-grid electrical system.
The home also has a 2-foot bump-out in the
master loft.
The main floor is 187 sq feet, not including
the loft areas.
Wind River builders can turn-key custom build
the home to the customers’ preferences.
They also offer the house in a 24-foot version.
Number Eight
We’re highlighting another unique micro
home by Wind River Tiny Homes, the Silhouette.
The mobile micro-home has a rustic industrial
style and offers sweeping panoramic views
of nature.
The 26 foot by 8.5-foot micro home has a custom
gym, including an Olympic squat/bench rack
with an exercise floor and gymnastics rings
from the ceiling.
It has a mini wood stove with a reading nook,
plus an outdoor hot shower.
The kitchen features a folding prep space
and a farmhouse-style sink.
Number Seven
A tiny home that’s NOT going anywhere is the
Urban Micro Home located in Chatanooga Tennessee.
The 650 sq. ft house is on a permanent foundation.
Wind River Tiny Homes, designed and constructed
this to showcase their design capabilities
and customization.
The buyer wanted 600 sq. ft, but to keep within
the building code, they had to add another
50 sq. ft.
The smart home features plenty of smart tech,
including a kitchen fan sensor, and lots of
storage in cubbies.
I’m Allie, and it’s Minds Eye Trivia time.
By looking at just these images, do you know
what this is and where it’s from?
Leave the correct answer or your best guess
in the comment section below.
Number Six
A Tiny Home without interior walls is one
thing that sets this home apart from the growing
clan of other mini-sized homes.
Micro House 2.0 from Minim Homes is built
on wheels as a trailer or on a foundation,
on or off-grid.
This new version is a further refined version
of their original with 265 sq.ft. of usable
interior space and is very customizable.
The expansive feeling is enhanced by large
windows, a glass door, and light colors.
Number Five
How about a tiny beach home that’s constructed
on a towable sled?
This retreat hut sits on the dunes in New
Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula in an erosion
zone and can be moved to a safer area if needed.
The outside seems almost disguised, and not
even livable, but believe me, it is quite
the residence.
It has plenty of smart design features for
a 430 square foot home.
The two-story shutter on the front will open
to give great ocean views and also works as
an awning against summer’s rays.
Number Four
Another Tiny Home in New Zealand designed
as a retreat, the DNA house, is an exercise
in contrast, strength, and elevation.
The architects created a series of folding
perforated metal screens surrounding the home,
helping to filter sunlight.
The DNA of the clients was sampled, and the
coded patterns form the perforation pattern.
There are two bedrooms with separate baths.
It has timber walls, and the home features
several hatches to the outdoors and large
roof overhangs.
Number Three
This unique and smartly designed micro-home,
the Kasita, is just 360 square feet and brimming
with smart technology.
But today it is much more than just a tiny
The company has been rebranded, with the home
being duplicated and repurposed for independently-minded
travelers who now rent the tiny luxury homes
as hotel suites.
They plan to open their first location in
Austin, Texas in 2020.
Number Two
Situated on a hill in rural Texas is a tiny
home called “The Future.”
The 5th wheel designed smart home is just
275 sq. ft and features full in-home automation
and has all full-sized appliances, such as
a fridge and stove, and a washer and dryer.
The floor plan includes five living areas,
including a master bedroom in the gooseneck
of the home.
The seller, Utopian Villas also offers the
option to add off-grid features to the house
to make it self-sustainable.
This tiny home on wheels is just 24 feet long
but features a large bathroom that transforms
into a sauna.
Located in El Dorado, California, it is reminiscent
of a small European style cabin, with knotty
pine looking exterior walls with white accents.
It has plenty of windows and a double front
door with large vertical windows.
Number One
Cabin builder Wheelhouse in Jackson Wyoming
is selling their Roadhaus Wedge, a tiny moveable
cabin on wheels.
At 250 sq ft, the cabin works as a small home,
a guesthouse, backyard office, or a combination
of all three.
It features a full kitchen, shower, bedroom,
and loft windows with spotlighting.
Protected from the sun and inclement weather,
the outdoor deck, increases the size of the
overall living arrangement.
The cabin comes “turn-key” with all appliances
and hardware included.
That’s it for today’s look at Tiny Homes,
and with advances in design coming every day,
the list of available “tiny homes” is not
“tiny” any longer.
This “small” home movement is booming, and
likely to grow very “big” soon.
If you want more information about anything
featured in this video, we’ve included websites
and descriptions below.
Thanks for watching.
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10 Tiny House Builds for Living BIG in a small way

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    I just built an apartment in a storage container. It cost me under $7,000 for everything including the 40 ft shipping container. Home depot cabinets, 5/8 green board drywall with R60 insulation in the walls and ceiling, stone counter tops, extra deep sinks and a mid priced vinyl flooring, solar panels on roof with a 8 deep cycle marine batteries for my power bank. I can move it anywhere. Its perfect size for a single guy or girl or a single mom who needs affordable housing for her kids. I will be uploading video of it this weekend on my channel.

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    For moi it's got to be No.7 Windriver Micro smart home cuz it rocks inside and out and there's even room to park your hog outa the rain. I am all for Off Grid options as well and as for the Tryvia…was that small house in the movie Big Fish?.
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    Trivia: That is the American Gothic House in Eldon Iowa. Now fairly famous, the 1930 Grant Wood painting features two homely individuals standing in front of the house. They were two people who Wood "fancied should live in that house". It now hangs in the Chicago Institute of Art.

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