– [Glen] Hello friends, I’m Glen.
As some of you know, solar
power is a growing trend
and gaining more respect from
creators all around the world.
In this video, we are discovering
some of the hippest and most extraordinary
solar and eco-friendly homes.
You might even say one of
these is the resurgence
of the legendary city of Atlantis.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number 10.
– [Glen] How does an
exotic oasis in the jungle
off the beaten path sound?
The Villa Duendes is a
stunning dome in Mexico
available for rent,
housing up to four people.
You’ll find wine bottles used as faucets,
branches used as hanging racks,
and a sea shell used as the shower head.
A ventilated skylight, small kitchen,
and television are included.
Outside of this exotic property
there are pools to cool off in,
or a hot tub to get things steamy.
Hammocks are present as well
for when you wanna simply rest
and listen to nature’s song.
No doubt, this is one
unique exotic retreat.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number nine.
– [Glen] This award winning
futuristically-designed home
looks like something you’d find
in the Capital from the Hunger Games.
Constructed by Virginia Tech students,
the Lumenhaus has top-notch
energy efficient technology.
It is solely powered by solar energy.
It has a rain water harvesting system
that’ll enable you to bathe
in pure, filtered rain water.
The LED lighting throughout
reduces energy usage.
A fabulously clever ellipsis system
will automatically adjust the
home’s lighting and shading
depending on the day’s
current weather forecast.
The Lumenhaus exudes green
and innovative living,
whether it’s your home or office space.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number eight.
– [Glen] Originally built
as a writing pad and library
for a historian, the 2,000 square foot pad
is an enchanting work
of modern architecture.
At the entry you have a 12-foot door,
which leads to a set of wooden stairs.
Well-lit, this studio
pad gives an airy feel,
while completely encircled with bookcases.
Staying connected with
the nature around you
is made easy by a large
window in the main room.
What also makes this
studio pad quite unique
is its copper exterior,
which makes the color shift
at different points in the day
or with the seasonal change.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number seven.
– [Glen] Take a look
at this metal cylinder
purchased from Craigslist
and turned into a tiny modern home.
This 366 square foot home
has almost custom-designed everything,
from the furniture to the appliances,
to work with the circular space.
The 10-foot front door is sliding glass,
which serves as an excellent
way to open up space
to nature’s beauty.
Leading up to the loft
bedroom is a spiral staircase
where ample cabinets and storage are.
The shower is somewhat
unique to this property,
being located right outside
the home open to the naked sky
and prying eyes of bluejays and cardinals.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number six.
– [Glen] The northern lights in Norway
are a grand sight to see,
and you can get a personal experience
with a booking at these
eco-friendly cabins.
One house is specific to kitchen needs,
while one is devoted to the washing room.
There’s even a specific room for studying,
reflecting, and creative thinking.
The cabins feature
floor-to-ceiling windows,
keeping you engaged with
the mountain terrain
and sea nearby.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number five.
– [Glen] Created by Ghent
University students,
this cubed house is making
for a solid contender
in solar powered homes.
Its two stories feature
two bedrooms upstairs,
while the kitchen, dining, and living room
sit on the ground floor.
On the interior,
surfaces are left bare and unfinished
as to allow the buyer to
decorate it to their liking.
Its savvy solar roof and
unique insulation techniques
make it an extraordinary zero energy home,
and it’s capable of fitting
into most urban areas.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number four.
– [Glen] Still in its
early stages of design,
this eco-resort aims to create a clean
and environmentally friendly getaway.
It would be built entirely
from recycled materials,
and would be self-sufficient.
Solar panels and underwater turbines
that capture wave energy would be used
to power the Nautilus.
12 small museum hotels would be an option,
as well as 12 rotating towers,
containing 162 apartments
that follow the path of the sun.
Plant walls and photo uptake
cells aid in natural cooling
and help generate electricity.
Sea water and rain water
are made to be reusable.
At the center of the resort
is the origami mountain,
which would contain the
scientific research center
and recreational base.
Its like the Nautilus is
the rebirth of Atlantis,
and we’re ready for is.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number three.
– [Glen] The Pinea suite
is an exciting combination
of a cabin, tent, and
tree house all in one.
Beneath this triratial hut
is a covered picnic area
that sits on wood and artificial grass.
Moving into the interior,
small lamps are on each side of the bed,
which contain a battery, allowing
you to charge your phone.
The front door is a
waterproof fabric cover,
giving it more of that
tent feels that says,
let’s be more intimate with nature.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number two.
– [Glen] For those of you who like
a good train car transformation,
you’ll enjoy this tiny
320 square foot space.
What makes it even more appealing
is that it comes fully
furnished including a shower,
toilet, sink, and kitchen appliances.
Its double doors and a
fair number of windows
keep a nice amount of
natural light coming in.
(uplifting music)
– [Narrator] Number one.
– [Glen] You don’t have
to get bored with one view
in this home, with its
360 degree rotation.
Italian design, its made
to be utterly eco-friendly
and its built with natural materials.
It spins on a central pillar,
which also allows the solar panels
to follow the sun’s
path throughout the day.
One unique feature is its
ability to quickly dismantle
and be reconstructed in a new location.
The interior is well-lit by natural light
due to its many windows
and exudes modern comfort.
As the Italians might say,
(speaking in Italian).
(uplifting music)
Our way of living might be changing,
but there’s no denying its an innovative
and even magical prospect.
All these options prove
you don’t have to skimp
on your personal style to
live more eco-efficient.
Let me know in the comments
below what you see yourself in,
or what retreat you’d go visit.
As usual, you can find more
details about these solar
eco homes below in the descriptions box.
See you soon in the next feature.
– Hi everyone and thank you for watching.
I’m Chani with Mind’s Eye Design.
– Hey guys, this is Cassie.
I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
– We’d love to hear your feedback
so please leave some comments below
and let us know your
favorite from this video
and why you liked it.
– Also, if you haven’t done so yet,
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– But don’t leave yet.
Keep watching because there’s more.
(uplifting music)
– I’m definitely not gonna take away
from the time and effort that
gets put into these videos
by everyone that works on
them from beginning to end.
We definitely need to
high five those guys.
– [Glen] These days,
leaving civilization behind
to reconnect with nature
doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice
the modern luxuries of technology.
– For more information on this product,
the link is in the description below.
– Videos are always
written out with a script.
We want to know what we’re gonna say.
– [Glen] By designing innovative
and environmentally friendly homes,
balance beauty with modern technology.
– Thank you for watching
Mind’s Eye Design.
(cheerful music)

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